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GitBook for public docs

Public docs

API references, code guidelines, product overviews and everything in between. GitBook helps you help your users with easy-to-publish, intuitive to use, highly searchable docs.

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GitBook for technical briefs

Technical briefs

Centralize decision-making in one place, from company wikis to engineering docs. Empower everyone to contribute constructively, regardless of team or technical ability.

Owen Morril

GitBook was a huge upgrade from our legacy platform. We went from a confusing bottleneck to over 90 employees using the system regularly. Even better, pageviews have increased every month with our latest at 300,000!

Owen Morril Technical Writer @ Snyk

Build a culture of transparency & documentation, organically.

A workflow for everyone, intuitive and automated.


Never start from scratch

It’s easy to get up and running in GitBook—just sync with an existing Git branch or import from Confluence, Notion, GitHub, Dropbox Paper, and Google Docs. A powerful, real-time block editor lets you rearrange everything as you go with support for code blocks, images, tables and more.

  • Markdown or WYSIWYG
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Multiple page imports
  • Nest and group pages


Engage across teams

Whether you’re pre-planning a release or collaborating on public docs, GitBook offers multiple ways for both technical and non-technical stakeholders to contribute. Get approvers to sign off, then open up for feedback from peers. Everyone works async—start discussions, tag teammates and thread comments. Consensus, reached.

  • Slack notification
  • Approvals process
  • Guest writer access
  • Activity feed


Create a source of truth

Turn ideas into proposals, then allow collaborators to contribute through change requests (or direct editing). With Git Sync, you can maintain planning and product docs that are as updated as your codebase. Commit (and edit) without fear—your original content is protected and there’s a record of every change. It’s the Git you know, minus the complexity.

  • Git-like version control
  • Protect your main branch
  • Bi-directional Git sync
  • Conflict alerts


Your content, your way.

Keep an internal archive detailing every product release, from first PR to final merge. And if you’re looking to empower partners, power users and external developers, visitor authentication allows you to share content, securely. The bottom line? You maintain complete control over who views your content (and when).

  • Tiered permissions
  • Manage access anytime
  • Visitor authentication


User–ready public docs

Ready to ship? Launch public docs that match your product and brand, from custom colors to subdomains. You worry about the content, GitBook takes care of everything else. Responsive, mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized, automatically.

  • Set custom domains
  • Custom colors and logos
  • Automatically indexable
  • Internationalization


Always up to date

Docs are only as good as they’re updated. Use bi-directional Git Sync to keep public docs in sync with your codebase. A user-facing feedback system and backend analytics also mean you’re getting a constant temperature check on what pages are working—and where your gaps are.

  • Page ratings
  • GitHub/GitLab integrations
  • Insights & analytics
  • Content feedback
Louise Badarani

GitBook enables us to maintain high-quality documentation, while involving multiple contributors. Through the merge request feature, we have the ability to efficiently review all changes made and ensure consistency throughout.

Louise Badarani Product Manager @ Castor


We’re committed to integrating with the tools you already use for support, tracking, collaboration and beyond.

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