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The Big Book of PowerShell Gotchas

PowerShell is full of "gotchas" - little things that just get in your way and are hard to figure out on your own. This short book is intended to help you figure them out and avoid them.

Last updated 5 days ago


Creating HTML Reports in PowerShell

Create beautiful, colorful, multi-section HTML reports from PowerShell - with very little knowledge of CSS or HTML needed!

Last updated a year ago


The Big Book of PowerShell Error Handling

Despite the title, this is actually a very small, concise book designed to help you understand how PowerShell generates and deals with errors. It's also designed to help you build the best possible error handling for you

Last updated a year ago


Secrets of PowerShell Remoting

Introduced in Windows PowerShell 2.0, Remoting is one of PowerShell's most useful, and most important, core technologies. It enables you to run almost any command that exists on a remote computer, opening up a universe o

Last updated 10 months ago


Windows PowerShell Networking Guide

Created by Microsoft's "The Scripting Guy," Ed Wilson, this guide helps you understand how PowerShell can be used to manage the networking aspects of your server and client computers.

Last updated a year ago