Jacek Laskowski

Independent Consultant specializing in #ApacheSpark #ApacheKafka #Scala #sbt #Mesos #DCOS ~ Java Champion ~ ASF member ~ @WarszawScaLa leader

Mastering Apache Spark 2

Taking notes about Apache Spark 2.x while exploring the lowest depths of the amazing piece of software (towards its mastery)

Last updated 4 hours ago


Spray, Akka Streams and HTTP - Your Friendly Getting Started

Notes while learning Spray, Akka Streams and HTTP

Last updated a year ago


Titan the Distributed Graph Database with Scala

Loose notes about my experience with Titan the graph database and Scala the programming language (based upon a project I'm using both within)

Last updated 2 years ago


Apache Kafka

On The Topic of Apache Kafka

Last updated a month ago


Scala meets Rx with RxScala

Loose notes about Rx with examples in Scala using RxScala

Last updated 2 years ago


specs2 The Getting Started

Loose notes about specs2 - the Scala specification tests framework

Last updated 2 years ago