Jacek Laskowski

Independent Consultant specializing in #ApacheSpark #ApacheKafka #Scala #sbt #Mesos #DCOS ~ Java Champion ~ ASF member ~ @WarszawScaLa leader

Mastering Apache Spark 2.0

Taking notes about Apache Spark 2.0 while exploring the lowest depths (aka towards mastery of Apache Spark)

Last updated 8 hours ago


Spray, Akka Streams and HTTP - Your Friendly Getting Started

Notes while learning Spray, Akka Streams and HTTP

Last updated a year ago


Titan the Distributed Graph Database with Scala

Loose notes about my experience with Titan the graph database and Scala the programming language (based upon a project I'm using both within)

Last updated 2 years ago


Apache Kafka

On The Topic of Apache Kafka

Last updated 10 days ago


Scala meets Rx with RxScala

Loose notes about Rx with examples in Scala using RxScala

Last updated 2 years ago


specs2 The Getting Started

Loose notes about specs2 - the Scala specification tests framework

Last updated 2 years ago