Sylwester Lachiewicz


Mastering Apache Spark 2 (Spark 2.2+)

Taking notes about Apache Spark 2.2 (and onwards) while exploring the lowest depths of the amazing piece of software (towards its mastery)

Last updated 2 months ago


Scalable C (in progress)

In this book I'll explain "Scalable C," which kicks C into the 21st Century. We use actors, message passing, code generation, and other tricks. I've been writing C for 30 years. It's never been this fun and productive.

Last updated 2 years ago


Mastering Apache Kafka (1.0.0+)

On The Topic of Apache Kafka

Last updated 5 days ago


Programming OpenResty

Scripting an NGINX-based Web Platform

Last updated 7 months ago


Spark Structured Streaming (Apache Spark 2.2+)

Notes about Spark Structured Streaming in Apache Spark 2.2+

Last updated 8 days ago


(ABANDONED) Spark Streaming

Notes about Spark Streaming in Apache Spark 2.x

Last updated 2 months ago