The IoT Learning Initiative

Promoting an Integrated STEM Open Source Collaboration Model to enable a strong talent pool of “Internet of Everything” players. Innovation through Education.


Internet Of Things 101

Be part of the next revolution of everyday objects interconnected to the Internet. This hands-on training will teach you the basic components in the architecture of Internet of Things Solutions.

Last updated 7 months ago


Embedded Linux

Operating systems based on the Linux kernel are used in embedded systems such as consumer electronics, networking equipment, navigation equipment, spacecraft flight software, and medical instruments in general.

Last updated 15 days ago


IBM Internet Of Things

IBM's new Watson Internet of Things (IoT) is a cognitive system that learns from, and infuses intelligence into the physical world.

Last updated 6 months ago


Amazon Web Services IoT

Amazon Web Services Internet of Things is the cloud platform that help us to connect IoT devices, to the Amazon Cloud, faster, securely and also provides an elastic solution for the customer.

Last updated a year ago


Intel® Edison

Designed for expert makers, entrepreneurs, and some industrial IoT applications, the Intel® Edison compute module provides ease-of-development for a range of prototyping projects or commercial ventures.

Last updated 6 months ago


Google Brillo

Brillo brings the simplicity and speed of software development to hardware for IoT with an embedded OS, core services, developer kit, and developer console.

Last updated a year ago