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Introducing the GitBook Editor 1.0.0

We just released the version 1.0.0 of the GitBook Editor. This version includes many improvements, stability and some sizeable changes.

Goodbye Google Authorship

Google today announced that it will be removing Google Authorship from search results.

Version 1.0.0: 7000 stars, Kramdown, Glossary and more

We just released the version 1.0.0 of GitBook. This version includes many improvements and some sizeable changes.

Books and licenses

Authors can now specify the license of their books, by simply placing a standard LICENSE file at the root of their source. Common licenses are automatically parsed and detected.

Advanced author to subscriber mailing

Authors now have a full fledged dashboard to send custom messages to their subscribers, those messages can be promotions of new books, content updates, etc …

Mailing lists for books

Readers and visitors can now subscribe to a mailing list to get notifications about content updates (and even custom messages from authors).

Book prices can now be updated

We now allow free/public books to be switched to paid and you can also update the prices of previously paid books.