Ara theme documentation

Updated a year ago


Ara (أرى) is a drupal theme that embraces modern front-end technologies. Ex: bourbon/neat and material design.

It makes "component based design" (atomic design) concepts a reality in drupal front-end.

Ara makes drupal theming a breeze. You don't need to write heavy css/js files, as Ara does not try to re-invent the wheel. Instead it brings to you popular modern front-end frameworks like Lumx and Polymer.

These frameworks are not loaded as a whole. Displayed components call for their needed framework parts. This ensures your pages load faster as they are not bloated with unnecessary css/js code.

While Ara facilitates using external frameworks, it does not force you to use them. It is so flexible that anybody can use it as a base theme, and adopt own theming pattern.

Ara supports RTL and BiDi. RTL assets are only compiled/served if requested in settings.

Technologies used in Ara include: Sass, Lib-sass, Typescript, Gulp, BrowserSync, Bourbon/Neat, Lumx, Angular, Polymer...