Iridium Application Testing - Getting Started Guide

Updated 16 days ago


The Iridium Application Testing tool has been designed to provide a way for automated scripts to interact with and validate the operation of our web based applications.

The aim of this project is to:

  • Develop a plain English dialect that describes interactions with a web application.
  • Hide web application implementation details through abstractions that allow business users to write tests without having to know any HTML.
  • Remove, as much as possible, the need for end users to implement any local configuration.
  • Allow tests to run in a CI system.

Iridium has been built on top of Cucumber and Selenium WebDriver to allow plain English scripts to drive the interaction with a web browser. It can optionally run these scripts again PhantomJS to allow tests to run in a headless environment such as Bamboo. Tests can optionally run in BrowserStack to test multiple browser versions.

The source code for Iridium is available on GitHub.

Training is available on Udemy.