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BigClown Documentation

Welcome to BigClown Documentation!

The goal of this site ( is to give you a close overview of our home automation platform. We are constantly working on making it better and content gradually grows as we get younger every day. :-)

Site Structure

We provide several layers in our documentation ecosystem:

  • Tutorials to give you an idea about the system basics.

  • Projects to inspire you what can be achieved with BigClown components.

  • Integrations to show you how our open platform can play along with other technologies.

  • Reference to give you a comprehensive guide throughout your development journey.

  • Academy to teach you some general stuff about the technologies we use.


Your feedback and contribution is always appreciated. This documentation site is automatically generated and hosted by GitBook from this repository. The whole content is written in Markdown (with GitHub Flavored Markdown support).

Minor Updates and Fixes...

Please do not hesitate to click on EDIT THIS PAGE button available on every page of this site, and send us a pull request directly from GitHub online editor.

Writing Article

  1. Fork this repository to your GitHub account.

  2. Clone your forked repository to your desktop.

  3. Follow these steps to install GitBook toolchain locally.

  4. Create your own branch (using git checkout -b <branch>) where you start making desired changes.

  5. Test your changes to see if they appear as you intended.

  6. Push your branch to your forked GitHub repository (using git push origin <branch>).

  7. Create pull request back to our repository.

Thank you! - Your enthusiastic team of clowns... BIG CLOWNS!