Blacklabelops Jenkins Docker Image

Updated 9 days ago

Dockerized Jenkins

Distribution Version Tag Dockerfile
Alpine 2.65 latest, 2.65 Dockerfile
Alpine stable 2.46.3 2.46.3 Dockerfile
Alpine release candidate rc Dockerfile
Alpine stable release candidate stable-rc Dockerfile

Older tags remain but are not supported/rebuild.

Make It Short

$ docker run -d -p 80:8080 --name jenkins blacklabelops/jenkins

Passing Parameters

You can run the Jenkins solely with command line parameters!


$ docker run \
     -d -p 8090:8080 \
     --name jenkins \
       blacklabelops/jenkins --debug=9

Staring Jenkins with custom debug level.

Example list parameters:

$ docker run --rm blacklabelops/jenkins --help

Lists jenkins plugin parameters.

Example printing Jenkins version:

$ docker run --rm blacklabelops/jenkins --version

Prints the image's Jenkins version.

Support & Feature Requests

Leave a message and ask questions on Hipchat: blacklabelops/hipchat

Build Slaves

Build Slaves can be found here: blacklabelops/swarm


The detailed manual moved here: