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Updated a year ago


This macro allows you to do merge text strings, barcodes, and images based on a tab-delimited text file.

It's the most affordable solution we know about to create serialized bar codes in CorelDRAW. This is likely the main attraction for those who follow macros.. since they know that other solutions elsewhere range in the hundreds of dollars.

This macro doesn't use CorelDRAW's print merge at all; it has it's own merge method. This allows it to be used for very challenging design situations where merge positions on a final press sheet are out of the ordinary.

This macro makes it possible to rapidly and easily create numbers, or to import and to place variable data into CorelDRAW, be it simple text, picture, or even bar codes! In minutes you can create 100 bar codes, each having their unique number - all without leaving CorelDRAW!

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