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Bellevue is a full-featured frontend project template for modern single-page applications built on Vue.js and Webpack.

Bellevue is based on the official vuejs-templates/webpack template, but extends it with many additional tooling features such as preconfigured SCSS support, SVG sprites, more full-featured linting and centralised configuration.

But while the official template is only a Hello world, Bellevue's goal is to set you up with a well-documented, thought-out application structure with all the patterns you need for building a complex application including routing, state management, persistence, localisation and more (see feature comparison).

Table of contents


App architecture


  • Stylesheet architecture
  • Classnames and selectors
  • Global base styling
  • SCSS constants
  • SCSS mixins
  • SCSS functions
  • Utility styles

UI features


Coding guidelines




* Not preconfigured in Bellevue yet.

Other resources

Bellevue is not an official Vue project, but is based on the officially supported materials and commonly used plugins. The relevant docs for those are available here:


Do you want to contribute to the template?

You can also help improve the documentation on GitHub.