CRTify Manual

Updated 2 months ago


CRTify helps you build the perfect CRT screen in Unreal Engine.

It goes far beyond simply blending in a "screen door" effect; everything from phosphor persistence to electron gun overshoot is authentically simulated based on real world references. Even the shadow masks are procedurally generated and flexible enough to recreate just about any subpixel pattern you like, real or imagined.

While you can certainly apply CRTify's effects to any or every monitor in your game world, where it really shines is as a centrepiece. Set your pixel game apart from the rest with a level of retro detail that is as yet unseen on the market, or crank up the artifacts and give your whole aesthetic the look of a dreamy hallucination that's nonetheless grounded in familiar technology. Since it's all procedural, you can even manipulate the screen's properties based on what's happening in the game. The sky's the limit.

If you need support beyond what's covered in this manual, please don't hesitate to contact us.