The UX Playbook

Updated 2 years ago


Please note: this book is under development and might contain unfinished sentences.

Welcome to Hanno's User Experience Playbook.

The aim of this book is to provide a practical guide for UX design. It's not entirely for beginners; it's always handy to have some deeper understanding of one of the related fields. This can be design, programming or product management. Since UX is connected to these fields, it's useful to have a general understanding of how these things work.

It's the UX designers role is to build the connections between the users, business and tech.

  • You need to satisfy your users.
  • You need to onboard the developers with the design and make sure it's technically feasable.
  • You need to make sure the business goals are met.

In order to achive this, you need to constantly talk to all 3 groups. Once you manage to do this in a reasonably short time-loop, you have managed to do a very lean design process which is deeply discussed in Lean UX book by TODO: author.

The UX playbook will show you the different "parts" of the UX design process. The terms you can see in the sidebar are not distinct things you need to do. These methods and roles are blurry and there is no distinct border between them.

A secondary goal of the UX Playbook is to educate Hanno shipmates and increase the general knowledge and understanding of UX. This allows us to build and use a common language we all share—which will result in smoother and better design sprints, and ultimately better products.