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Introduction to Hive.js

What is Hive.js?

Hive.js is a collaboration server and a web application that allows you to collaborate with others on any document in real-time. Examples of applications that could be build with Hive.js is Google Docs and Cloud 9 Code Editor (collaborative coding).

As it's fairly new, nobody has built anything with hive.js, yet. Be the first and let the world know by adding it to the "In the wild" list (TBD).

Get going by visiting the Get started page.

A book created for you

This book aims to provide you the following help:

  • Getting started
  • Setting up your own instance.
  • Show how to integrate Hive with your own app
  • Familiarize developers with Hive's internals and how to contribute.

The documentation is a work in progress. You will sections left out and complete chapters missing. In the spirit of open source, feel free to help out by contributing to the documentation.

Contributing to the documentation

This is a GitBook, meaning it is a Git repository hosted on github. This means that anyone, including yourself, is able to edit and contribute to the documentation in an easy fashion.

Clone and create your own branch from and get started writing in your favorite editor, or using the GitBook editor.

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Earlier versions

This documentation covers version 0.8 of hive.js.

For earlier versions see the branches on the github repository.