EDUC2201-Course Tools and Practices

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"Teaching is two-parts planning, one-part reflection, and extra heavy on the experimentation." ~ Rebecca Alber

"It seems to me that that, finally, is what good teaching is all about.... Somehow or another, skill and knowledge are integrated into some kind of a human connection." ~ Mike Rose

About this Document

This document is a companion document to the syllabus to help you grow and succeed in this course. I am here to help you to succeed in this course and in the teacher education program. Success in this class involves organizing and understanding these sources of information. This document in particular contains a number of useful practices and tools to draw on while working towards academic success in this course and beyond. As such, it is worthwhile to read through this document and revisit it over the course of the semester. Please feel free to come to my student drop-in hours or to schedule an appointment with me if you have any questions about the information contained within this document.

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