Updated a year ago

Kikwit is a modern and fast MVC framework for Node.js.


  • Modern framework. ES2015, ES2016 support (uses Babel)
  • Awesome routing
  • High performance
  • HTTP response helpers
  • Extendended view engines support
  • Content negotiation
  • Modern middlewares support using decorators
  • Connect/Express middleware support
  • Seamless Websockets and Server-sent events support
  • Conditional requests handling
  • Available yeoman generator

Quick Start

# Create a folder for your project
mkdir /path/to/my/project
# Change to your project folder
cd /path/to/my/project
# Install yo and kikwit generator
npm install yo generator-kikwit -g
# Generate application
yo kikwit
# Launch
npm start 
# With the above command the application will listen on port 3000 by default. 
# The port can be changed in your configuration settings.

# Point your browser to http://locahost:3000/home/index