First Steps on the Linux Command Line

Updated 2 years ago

First steps on the Linux Command Line

Dr. Kristian Rother

What this tutorial is about?

This tutorial lets you learn the basics of the Linux command line. You can learn commands to navigate directories, manipulate files and start other programs. If you have no previous experience with Unix-like systems or know a few commands but would like to know more, this tutorial is for you.

Can I redistribute it?

This tutorial is published under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike License 4.0

You can find the full sources on


  • Copy the file from to a computer with Ubuntu (or some other Linux) installed.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Type:

    chmod -R a+x unix_tutorial/ chmod -R a-x unix_tutorial/exercise6/check_permissions

  • Explain trainees how to open a Unix shell

  • Make this tutorial and a ‘Unix/Linux Command Reference’ document available (see PDFs in exercise material).


This tutorial was prepared for Ubuntu Linux. It might work on other Linuxes and even on MacOS as well, but I haven’t tested that.

Your Task

In this tutorial, you will be looking for a word with 22 characters. All characters are hidden in the exercises below. All exercises can be solved using the Unix command line.