Tomorrow's War: Balance Project

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Tomorrow's War: Balance Project

Tomorrow's War is a scenario driven futuristic wargame by Ambush Alley Games with great gameplay. However, due to its high amount of options, it's difficult to create a scenario, especially if the forces are not completely symmetric. If the objetives and deployment aren't symmetric either, the scenario easily becomes a simple win for one side, with very options left for players and not much fun.

This balance projects aims to give a simple point system and a mission generator system. The point system is based on the one given by Ambush Alley GamesPBS, in 2011. From this file much is/will be changed, as it was quite generic. The mission generator is inspired by the one used in the campaign and the modifications done for the Bolt Action campaign system created by LHeG association.

This document is in no way official, nor it's supported by Ambush Alley Games. This is completely a fan project.


The aim for this project is to give the possibility to create lists in a sort of easy way, and be able to play with another guy, generate a mission in-place, and start playing a balanced scenary, without too much work. While lists will be generally more time consuming, especially the first time (there's no armies! In fact, you create your own army which will allow you to create new lists), once you are setup the rest should take very little time.

To create lists, you will need to follow the steps in the Army creation section. You will need to talk with you adversary at how many points you are going to play. Once both parties have their lists created, they should be public (it's assumed that both factions have enough intel to know what to expect).

Scenario creation is based on different factors, from randomnes to attributes of each list (technology level, air superiority, land control, etc). This will determine objetives, setting, scenery, deployment and special rules.


PBS. That file (and the feedback it got, if any) was lost in the old forum. The base that was used for this is the document found in scribd: https://es.scribd.com/doc/83841372/Play-Balancing-System-for-AAG-Games-v1-0-7