Rapidvms User Manual

Updated 6 months ago

0. About Rapidvms

Rapidvms is a simple VMS and NVR, it support Winodws and Linux, and MacOS client. Rapidvms include RapidStor(server) and RapidClient(client)


Licensing: dual licensed as open source Affero GPL and commercial-use license (available for purchase).

Open Source Versus Commercial Licenses for the Rapidvms Software

Affero GPL: If you use Rapidvms under the Affero GPL to integrate parts of it, then you are not allowed to sell copies of the modified program commercially.These requirements are the condition for including the GPL-covered code you received in a program of your own. Please check the suitability of Affero GPL for your project. Requirements imposed by the Affero GPL may affect the release of your software.

If you do not wish to use Rapidvms under the Affero GPL, then we recommend to obtain a commercial license for the commercial edition of Rapidvms available for purchase from veyesys Inc.

Commercial license: A standard edition commercial-use license can be purchased for commercial product development. This license does not impose the Affero GPL open source licensing terms, conditions, and limitations. The license is a royalty-free, perpetual license to use the rapidvms for application development, using the update version of rapidvms during one year. Also an enterprise license is available for purchase, you can send mail to [email protected] for more infomation.