Nick's Playbook to Build Apps with PhoneGap and

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This opinionated guide offers an approach to rapidly developing functional prototypes of mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Mobile Web, so that you can swiftly test product ideas and decide whether they merit additional time and resources. This approach is fast, easy to transition between products, and a solid foundation to build upon when your product gains traction.

The mobile apps are built primarily using Javascript, with a heavy emphasis on the use of the framework for rendering views. Android and iOS apps are wrapped in Cordova/Phonegap so they have access to "native" functionality such as the Camera or Contacts.

This book has a number of patterns that can be used to augment existing knowledge, or can serve as a reference resource.

Sample App and Server: "Waiting"

In this book, we'll show how to create an application called "Waiting" that creates a simple social waiting list app. Along the way you will learn how to build basic-but-key features for prototype mobile applications, including sign ups with email and Facebook, connecting to other users in the app, and inviting people to join you via email.

Getting started with Waiting by building the mobile app takes 5 minutes and costs nothing. Running the included server requires various services to be hooked up (database, etc.), but can also be done quickly.