SAFE Dev Tutorials

Updated 10 months ago

SAFE Dev Tutorials

In this series of tutorials, you will learn about different use cases of the SAFE API.

SAFE Launcher exposes a REST API that apps can use to interact with the SAFE Network.

Download SAFE Launcher v0.10.0 to use SAFE API v0.6.

Read the SAFE API Docs to learn more about the SAFE API.

What is SAFE Launcher?

SAFE Launcher enables you to build SAFE Network apps that don't require users to give you access to their network credentials (their account secret and account password). This means users only have to share their network credentials with SAFE Launcher and not with every app they use. Apps only interact with the SAFE Network indirectly via SAFE Launcher, which can be thought of as the single point of contact with the network.

What is the SAFE Network?

The SAFE Network is a decentralized data storage and communications network that provides a secure, efficient and low-cost infrastructure for everyone.

Rather than using data centers and servers which are prone to data theft and surveillance, the SAFE Network uses advanced peer-to-peer technology that joins together the unused hard drive space, CPU power and Internet connections of all SAFE users, creating a global network.

Users of the SAFE Network have full control over their data, while app developers can focus their time building on top of a secure infrastructure.