ShineISP ver.2

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ShineISP ver.2

ShineISP is a billing system to manage your customers (CMS, eCommerce, CRM, ERP) like WHMCS and WHMAP, Parallels Plesk Billing, AWBS (Advanced Webhosting Billing System) and ClientExec.

After 2 years of experiences with ShineISP v.1 and Zend Framework 1.12 and Doctrine we are ready to start the new version of the software. More powerful and extensible. Thanks to all the users, IT companies the new version is open to a collaboration for developing new modules.

The idea behind the project

The idea behind the project. The idea for the project was born here at Shine Software headquarters. We found our customer registration process was annoying and complicated because we had to enter the same data 5 times in 5 different systems. Not to mention this process was time-consuming and a potential source of making mistakes.

So we thought to build us a small and modular system in order to simplify our customers accounting tasks. It turned out to become a project which has been growing day by day ever since we started it, thanks to the help and support of a (small) community and the simple approach to the project. There are many features to be included into the first alpha release and we are excited to start the "real thing".

Why Zend Framework ?

Zend Framework is one of the most important framework for the web and in this new release offers the "Module Concept". In the last version of the ShineISP software we had some difficulties to create a distribution of the modules with the software developers because our software was in such way "monolithic". Now the new version of the ShineISP let you free to create your own module by simply using all the features of the new Zend Framework

Database and Migration of Data

ShineISP v.2 will use MySQL but we will try to offer also other database adapters in order to leave free the developers to improve the performance and the feature of the software. Zend Framework offers many way to connect the databases and the high quality of the code let you create a module to handle different adapters. In this new project we will use Zend/Db instead of the Doctrine in order to speed up the software.

Demo Site

You can test the ShineISP application using your own copy. Read these few pages to discover how to install the ShineISP software on your box.

Administration Site

The admin panel is reachable by a simple login from here:
User: [email protected]
Pass: 1234567890

Then you have to go at