Red Language Notebook

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Red Language Notebook

Learning to program in Red


Last update - nov. 2017

A collection of topics that may interest those who know the basics of programming and want to have a head start on the Red programming language.

Notes on this notebook:

  • I use Windows, so all my notes are based on this Operating System.
  • I'm not an experienced programmer and English is not my native language.
  • It is not a complete reference for the Red language (yet?). So far, I've skipped some features that I think would not be immediately useful to a beginner.
  • If you find mistakes or have suggestions, please, create a discussion using the + that shows at the right side of a page when you pass the cursor over the text, or post it at gitter/red/welcome using @ungaretti.
  • I find that syntax highlighting makes learning Red a lot easier, but Gitbook md format does not have an easy-to-use text coloring tool, so I used mostly images of code. No cut-and-paste, sorry.
  • I did not use proper coding style in most examples. My fault, I hope to improve it. Please, take a look at Red's coding style guide.
  • Some text was copied and pasted from Red's documentation and from red-by-example.org. I hope that's ok.
  • I based (not copied) quite a few examples on code I found on mycode4fun.co.uk, by Alan Brack, and redprogramming.com, by Nick Antonaccio.
  • If I can't find something on the existing Red Documents, there is always www.rebol.com.

Changes log:

  • jan 27 2018 - 1) Added comments about compiling problems and the use of-e compiling option at " Hello world - run & compile" chapter. 2) Added this log.