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WPGraphQL Docs & Reference

WPGraphQL is a free, open-source WordPress plugin that adds a GraphQL API to your WordPress site.

Here you can read about major concepts, dive into technical details or follow practical examples to learn how WPGraphQL works.

Beta Software Notice

Until WPGraphQL hits a 1.0.0 release, it is still considered beta software. This doesn't mean that the plugin isn't ready for use, it just means that there might still be bugs and that there might be breaking changes to the shape of the API or internal functions as we work toward a stable release.

Don't hesitate to start using the plugin, but just be sure to follow along with releases and keep up to date with conversations in Slack (join here)

WPGraphQL is already in use in production on several sites, including work.qz.com, hopelabs.org and more.

Plugin Install and Activation

In order to use WPGraphQL, the plugin needs to be installed and activated on a WordPress install.

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Quick Start

If you want to skip all the details and get straight to some examples of how to use WPGraphQL, the Quick Start might be for you.

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Tutorials walk you through practical examples that demonstrate the features of WPGraphQL.

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The reference describes the internals of WPGraphQL on a technical level.

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Do you have Specific questions about WPGraphQL? Check out our FAQs.

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Community & Support

Have you discovered a bug, or have questions that aren't addressed in the Tutorials, Reference and FAQs? Or maybe you have an idea to make WPGraphQL better or just want to connect with other people using WPGraphQL? If that sounds like you, check out our Community & Support info.

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Roadmap / Contributing

Are you looking for info on where the plugin is headed and how you can get involved? Check out our Roadmap and Contribting info.

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