Spike sorting, analysis, visualization in Python

Use kwikteam open source neurophysiological data analysis package in Python for spike sorting, analyzing, and visualizing extracellular recordings.

Last updated 2 years ago


Highly comparative time-series analysis using hctsa

Details of how to use the hctsa package for performing highly comparative time-series analysis using Matlab.

Last updated 9 days ago


Computing by Design

Learn about our project-based approach to helping high school students learn how to design and build technology for people.

Last updated 4 days ago


Data Science from Start to Finish

A beginner-friendly introduction to the fundamentals of data analytics from data collection to data modeling.

Last updated a year ago


Handbook of Hidden Data Scientist (Python)

This is my handbook for data analysis, mining, cleaning, aggregating, Python and possibly data science. It has been written during taking the following courses on Udacity related to Machine Learning.

Last updated 7 months ago


Intro to Informatics and Web Development

Learn how to conduct user research, analyze data, design user experiences, and develop web applications.

Last updated 5 days ago


Getting started with mdatools for R

A user guide describing how to use R package "mdatools".

Last updated 2 years ago


Statistics and Data Analysis

lecture note

Last updated 4 months ago


AsyncStageOut v2

Last updated 6 months ago