Internet Of Things 101 Intel® Edison

Be part of the next revolution of everyday objects interconnected to the Internet. This hands-on training will teach you the basic components in the architecture of Internet of Things Solutions.

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banana pi BPI-R1 A20 dual core open source smart router

The BPI- R1 is open source smart router , it have Dual-Core A20 and 1G DDR3 on baord ,with 300Mbps Wireless N Router with both wired and wireless network

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Pycom Documentation

Welcome to the Pycom documentation site. The documentation is split into 5 sections; we recommend reading through all the sections to familiarise yourself with the various tools and features available to you to help you

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IoT Pentesting Guide

A step by step guide / handbook to learn pentesting Internet of Things

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Rhiot Documentation Rhiot is a messaging platform for the Internet Of Things focusing on an adoption of the Red Hat JBoss middleware portfolio.

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A brief overview of Mites full stack

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FoxIOT Experiments

The book consists documentation of the various experiments and activities conducted in the Mozilla Coimbatore club and FoxIOT study group members. The main aim of the Gitbook is to share & reproduce the research.

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BPI Open debugger burn board

BPI Open Debugger is a set of programming tools in the development of STM series of microcontrollers, TI CC1x, 2x, TI CC3x series SOC, when STC Series MCU can be programmed quickly and easily debug

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Internet of Things Project

Learn how to design and build an IoT device to benefit your school community

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