Front-End-Developer - Level 2

This is the second level of the Job Guarantee Front end Developer course from Opteamize, an IBM Coding School. Level 2 includes CSS, Javascript, Sass, Angularjs, & Placement test. Check for more.

Last updated 2 years ago


Build your own React.js

Let's build our own React.js! In this book we will build an working "React.js-like" library and create a great understanding about the inner workings of React.js. Exciting!

Last updated a year ago


Hacks n Notes

Notes about Software Engineering and other Hacks

Last updated 3 days ago


Webix Jet

Last updated 17 days ago


Writing Embedded JavaScript and CSS

Everything you need to know about writing code which runs on other people's websites.

Last updated 2 years ago


Build your applications with Webpack

After reading the webpack documentation and banging my head on walls I decided to share my understanding and try to give people some simple and straight forward examples to setup their webpack workflow

Last updated 2 years ago


JavaScript Quick Reference

JavaScript reference and vocabulary

Last updated 2 years ago


Advanced Functional JavaScript

Collection of code snippets to showcase functional aspect of JavaScript

Last updated 2 years ago


Developer Guide

Providing useful information for developers to help you to understand the structure of the application, important classes, workflows and standards for code quality as well as code style.

Last updated 10 days ago