IT Pro Guide to 10 Intentional Fallacies of Vendor Marketing

This guide shows 21st Century IT Professionals how to detect each of the ten fallacies in today's vendor marketing.

Last updated 5 months ago


Increase conversions with Email Marketing walks through how to setup your emails for the greatest chance of success with email marketing.

Last updated 2 years ago


Are You David or Goliath?

Counter-Intuitive Marketing for Social Networks: Social networks work unlike other, traditional markets. However, winning in them lets you win in traditional markets.

Last updated 6 months ago


Critical Operations Guide for Developers and Entrepreneurs

The guide to managing DevOps cross various platforms such as Amazon AWS (EC2, VCP, etc), IBM Bluemix, Koding, Firebase and more. But as an Entrepreneur online, this guide covers various other aspects of your operation.

Last updated 9 months ago


Lifestyle Consulting BOOK & MANUAL

The complete BOOK & MANUAL for the "Lifestyle Consulting" Platform. From functional to technical and finally into a user-friendly, readable document. Includes Best Practices, How To's, Tips & Tricks... and much more.

Last updated 4 months ago


Lateral Ave Handbook

The Lateral Ave Cooperative Handbook

Last updated 4 months ago


Mergado, Nápověda & FAQ / EN

Mergado software help.

Last updated 3 days ago