Linux Inside

A series of posts about the linux kernel and its insides.

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How to make an Operating System

Learn how to write, test and run, an operating system in C++ and Assembly from scratch.

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Android ROM Developers' Manual

Ever wanted to know how the Android operating system works? How your phone boots up? Or how things are working under the hood of your phone? Want to build a ROM for your phone? This book is for you.

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Devops Book

Last updated 5 months ago


Build your own operating system

This book will guide in building your own operating system. SPIM MIPS simulator is used allowing testing without buying any hardware or modifying your actual system.

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Operating System Notes

These are my notes for the presentations in which I'll explain some of the operating system concepts using C language.

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Linux for Real

A place for people who want to learn about Linux, while really trying to understand each step along the way.

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Linux Kernel Map

这本书记载了Linux Kernel学习的点点滴滴。所以取名为《Linux Kernel Map》,相信记载下来的每一点点足迹汇聚在一起,最终会绘制出一张指引后来人的地图。

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Just Another Operating System

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