How to be a Programmer

A guide on how to be a Programmer - originally published by Robert L Read

Last updated 2 days ago


React Enlightenment

A thoughtful and complete introduction to React. Written by Cody Lindley sponsored by

Last updated 8 months ago


C++ Best Practices

Best practices for ensuring high quality C++ code. This book has now inspired a video series from O'Reilly called "Learning C++ Best Practices."

Last updated 10 days ago


http2 explained

A detailed document describing HTTP/2, the background, concepts, protocol, existing implementations and the future.

Last updated 2 months ago


5 Algorithms Every Web Developer Can Use and Understand

A short primer on when & how to harness the power of algorithms for web developers.

Last updated 2 years ago


SICP in Python

Berkeley CS61A Textbook

Last updated 2 years ago


LLVM: Implementing a Language

Port of web tutorial at

Last updated 3 years ago


Command Line Cookbook

This book gives simple, working recipes for accomplishing various tasks on the Bash command line.

Last updated 2 days ago


3D Game Development with LWJGL 3

Learn the main concepts involved in writing 3D games using the Lighweight Java Gaming Library

Last updated 21 days ago