QGC Design Guide

This Design Guide is a set of standards specifically created for QGroundControl project.

Last updated 2 years ago


Introduction to User Experience Design | ISME

This is the class website for Introduction to User Experience Design at the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Mumbai taught by Zoshua Colah.

Last updated 6 months ago


Web Management for Regular People

Essays for designers, content managers, strategists and producers who make the web work everyday.

Last updated a year ago


Thought Marketing

Thoughts on marketing, digital business, technology, user experience, and more.

Last updated 10 months ago


Replication Package

Replication Package for EMSE Journal paper submission

Last updated 3 months ago


The designer + prototyper cheat sheet

User Experience Design + Functional prototyping with a javascript stack built on: node.js Parse Server + Swift / Web

Last updated a month ago