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Simple to update, publish and update your books easily using Git or the web book editor.

Version Control, GitBook is based on GIT scm. A simple "git push" is enough to publish a new version.

Markdown, books are written using the markdown or AsciiDoc syntax. We fully support TeX/Math equations.

GitHub, write your book on GitHub and publish it in seconds through GitBook.

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Editor, Edit your content using a web editor, preview before updating it.

Personalize branding with personalized landing page and custom domain names.

Collaboration helps structure your workflow, securing access control ...

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Databricks uses GitBook for reference and knowledge bases.

Joshua McKenty, OpenStack's co-author, uses GitBook to write about CloudFoundry.

DjangoGirls uses GitBook to teach girls how to code with great tutorials and manuals.

Google Developer Groups write guides helping GDG organizers run and manage their community & events.

In 1994, Jan signed a contract to publish a new book. 20 years later, he self-published it with GitBook.

TowCenter, from Columbia's School of Journalism, publish papers about modern and digital journalism.

Taipei’s new mayor, Ko Wen-Je, published his election manifesto. Read by more than 500,000 people.

Dale used GitBook to publish a series of technical books educating developers on web design.