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Our GitBook AI tools supercharge your content, making it faster and easier than ever to share knowledge with your team, your community, or the world.

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Focus on the knowledge you need faster with AI.

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GitBook Lens constantly indexes your content, using AI to give you the information you need faster. Simply tell Lens what you want — it’ll scan your documentation and summarize the results in seconds.

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Power up your public docs

Give your users the gift of knowledge. Now, they can just ask Lens and get a simple, semantic answer in seconds — with clickable references to your documentation if they want to dive deeper.

Trained on your team’s knowledge

Lens works on internal content, too. Making it a powerful onboarding tool, and a great way to summarize meeting notes, discover historical company data, and more.

AI answer and follow-on questions

GitBook Lens API

Make your knowledge more accessible than ever. With our API, you can embed GitBook Lens right into your product with just a few simple lines of code.

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	curl \
        -H 'content-type: application/json' \
        --data-raw '{"query":"What is GitBook?"}'
        "answer": {
            "text": "GitBook is a modern documentation platform where teams can document everything from products to internal knowledge bases and APIs. It is a user-friendly and collaborative product for everyone to create, edit and share knowledge through documentation. ",
            "pages": [ ... ],
            "followupQuestions": [ ... ]

Supercharge your documentation

Want to enhance your knowledge base? Get started with GitBook for free today and try the Lens alpha for yourself.

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What is GitBook?

GitBook is a knowledge sharing platform that’s inspired by the way that developers organize their work. With simple import tools, an intuitive interface, and a powerful change request workflow, GitBook has everything you need to document your work — from start to ship. Whether it’s public docs, an internal knowledge base, or something else entirely.

How much does Lens cost?

While GitBook Lens is in alpha, anyone can activate Lens for their public documentation and internal knowledge base today at no extra cost.

When Lens moves into beta, we plan to make it part of the Pro and Enterprise plans. We’ll be in touch to tell you about that before it happens, though.

We’ll also be keeping a close eye on usage data, because the more requests we get the more it costs us. We don’t currently plan to add extra charges for Lens, but if that changes in future we’ll let you know in advance.

How do I activate GitBook Lens?

To activate Lens, head into your Organization Settings and hit the toggle. You can also activate Lens for individual spaces within your organization by opening the space and hitting Customize.

To find out more, take a look at our documentation

How does Lens generate a response to my question?

GitBook Lens constantly indexes your documentation using OpenAI. When you ask a Lens a question, it finds and combines information from within that documentation to provide an answer. It doesn’t use content from anywhere else to form its answers.

How does GitBook Lens handle my data?

We use the OpenAI API to pass your content to OpenAI to index and process data. OpenAI does not use this content for service improvements (including model training). You can find out more about how OpenAI handles data here.

Does GitBook Lens use ChatGPT?

While we do use the GPT model at one point in the process — to make the answers to your query clear and readable — Lens doesn’t use ChatGPT specifically. ChatGPT indexes content from the internet, while Lens will only index and answer using information within your own content.

How do I embed the GitBook Lens API into my product?

You can embed GitBook Lens using the GitBook API. We have an endpoint dedicated to handling all of your AI search requests. Find more about the GitBook API and Integration Platform at