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Collaborate, publish and maintain technical knowledge with an all-in-one documentation platform. Used by 150,000 open source projects, startups and enterprises.

Product documentation, perfected.

Collaboration by change requests.

Ship custom customer docs.


"Between GitBook’s importers and it’s intuitive editor interface, we were able to get our docs published in no time. Keeping things maintained has been a breeze because the collaboration tools means all teams can be involved."

Tom Shaked Content Writer @ Nimble Read their docs

Launch sooner, launch often

Migrate without manual work.

Unlike static site generators, GitBook offers a modern UI that is beautiful out-of-the-box but endlessly configurable. Just import content and start typing.

Intuitive paging and powerful search.

A structured page tree and advanced search makes it easy for both editors and readers to organize and access information easily.

Deliver a best in class experience to your customers.

Securely set up custom docs for key customers or partners. Allow them to view custom documentation securely through your own authentication platform.

Dynamic, interactive docs.

Create more engagement out-of-the-box with landing pages, videos, live sandbox environments and more. Just hit + to add cards, videos, tables, code blocks and more.

GitBook AI Lens,
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Knowledge sharing just got smarter

Our GitBook AI tools supercharge your content, making it faster and easier than ever to share knowledge with your team, your community, or the world.

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One workflow,
Many ways of working

Collaboration without chaos.

GitBook is powered by a change request workflow. Allow contributors to check out and edit content, track and view the history of changes to each page, compare versions, merge or revert changes.

Reach consensus, faster.

All collaboration around creating and maintaining docs happens right in GitBook, with inline commenting and space for larger discussions. In-app and email notifications ensure everyone’s kept in the loop.

A modern editor for direct editing.

GitBook's editor works just as you expect—with some added benefits. It recognizes code blocks and tables, runs on shortcuts and has handy integrations to allow you to bring in anything additional you need.


Automate everything

Visitor authentication.

Maintain the privacy of each custom docs you create with SAML/SSO and private signing keys.

Analytics & customer feedback.

Backend analytics show you which content is performing (and which isn't). A review system allows readers to give you feedback per page.

Maintain updates via Git Sync.

Keep content as updated as your codebase thanks to an integration with GitHub.

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