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Integrate your GitBook public documentation with your Segment pipeline.



The GitBook Segment integration empowers your teams by connecting your GitBook public documentation to your Segment pipeline.

How it works

Automatic page view events on your public documentation: Each of your connected GitBook spaces will send a [GitBook] space_view event to the associated Segment source.

Track your users' actions across all your company's websites:

  • Each [GitBook] space_view includes the anonymousId property.
  • If the active user has already visited one of your other company's websites, the anonymousId will match the one already set by Segment.
  • Otherwise, GitBook will associate a new anonymousId for the user matching Segment's format.


To install the Segment integration on a single space click on the Integrations button in sub-navigation. Alternatively, you can install it on multiple or all spaces by going into your organization settings. You will need the Segment Write Key to help you identify the data source.

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